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We are White Pest Control, the best pest control company in Caldwell, ID. We have the best products, the best technicians, and the best customer service. That’s why…. we’re the best!

“We used White Pest Control when we had a carpenter ant infestation. After one treatment we didn’t see them again, we’ve been using them ever since and couldn’t be happier.” – Sue Bork. Caldwell, ID

You do your best to keep your home clean, you don’t need pests creating problems for you and your kids.

We take care of fleas, ants, mice, ticks, spiders, rats, termites, bed bugs, and more.

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Residential Pest Control

Caldwell is the perfect place for insects and rodents to settle. Anyone who has lived here for any amount of time understands that no matter how clean you keep your house, a black widow or roach could show up any time. It can be frustrating, but that’s why we’re here to help.

Commercial Pest Control

Your business simply can’t run efficiently with pests in it. Your processes won’t work as well and your customers will complain. If you own a restaurant, it’s imperative that you keep it clean and pest-free. In fact, the state of Idaho requires inspections to ensure sanitary conditions for all customers. No matter what type of business you own, it’s always better to prevent and relax than scramble to fix a pest problem.

Local Pest Control for Your Family

There are a lot of pest control companies around Caldwell. However, quite a few of them are national brands, which usually means poorer service. We take our pest control service to the next level. We provide free additional treatments between regularly scheduled appointments, we sweep and spray the eaves, and we have the professional equipment necessary to ensure you are pest free year round.

Pest Control Services

Ants, Spiders, Fleas, Ticks, Roaches, Wasps, Rodents, termites, snakes, nuisance wildlife, bed bugs, flies, etc.

We guarantee our work. If you ever need service between visits, we’ll come for FREE.

Where We Are

White Pest Control

19398 Wooley Creek Ave

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