Things you should know Before Moving to Caldwell

July 13, 2019

Things you should know about Caldwell before moving here.

Idaho in general is known as a small town state. Everyone that was born here has pride for their state and in general are very nice people. A lot of tractors, potatoes, wildlife, and small companies are all trying their best to become the best!  Boise and the surrounding area are slowly becoming larger and larger. Caldwell is one of those places. It no longer is just a milkshake and burger stop. Some don’t like that it is growing rapidly and more and more people are moving in around them. A lot of the other people enjoy the benefits of the growth.


Boise is the largest city in Idaho. Boise is located on the southeast corner of the state. There are many towns and cities in and around Boise. If you take I-84(the main freeway through Idaho) to the west you can see many cities, some of the big ones are Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell. As you explore the Boise area, you may find yourself in Middleton, Garden Valley, Star, and Emmet. Everyone that lives here knows where to go camping and exploring. All of the exact locations are zealously guarded secrets, but some of the adventures might begin in Silver City, Mccall, Cascade, Horseshoe Bend, and Idaho City.

Fishing, Hunting, Hiking

When you move to Caldwell you need to realize that almost everyone here loves the outdoors. It is a well known fact that we have some of the best fishing, camping, hunting, and hiking in the lower 48 states. Trout fishing is what we are known for. They swim in almost every river that runs through the state. We also have Large and Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Perch, Carp, Northwestern Pike Minnow, and Sturgeon 


Caldwell is known for its hometown feel. Every year for Christmas they have a huge light show around Indian creek. In one of the courtyards next to the river they also have an Ice skating rink. They keep the rink going for most of the winter.  These activities bring thousands from around the Valley and beyond. Caldwell has a high Hispanic population and with that comes many benefits. The best tacos in the Valley and the best burritos are just some of the best benefits. Everyone in Caldwell is very kind and generous. They are willing to help you with anything.  There are hundreds of stores to choose from, for the most part everything is reasonably priced and worth its value. There’s nothing like an authentic street taco.

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