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Family Fun in Caldwell

Caldwell has  a ton of year round family attractions. The Canyon County Fair happens at the end of July every year. During the winter you have the Indian Creek Christmas lights and Ice Skating in the plaza. It seems like they have something going every season. Caldwell has some world renowned restaurants. It seems like every corner has something delicious on it. The Karcher Mall is huge and is just now getting remodeled for more businesses to move in.

The Fair

The Canyon County Fair happens every year at the end of July. This is a spot you don’t want to miss out on. It has something for everyone. Do you like animals both farm and exotic? They have that! Do you love fair food? They have that! Do you like crafts and art? They have that! Maybe you’re an adrenaline junky? They have exciting rides for every age! Do you love concerts? Every year they have 4 nights of live entertaining musicians. The Canyon County fair located in Caldwell is one of the best fairs in the state.


By far my favorite part of Caldwell is the food. On literally every corner you find super delicious foods. T- Roadhouse is my favorite place to sit down and have a nice steak and their rolls are by far the best. The main two themes are Mexican food and American food. There are taco trucks lining the roads. Plus nice sit down Mexican restaurants as well. By “American food” I mean hamburgers, steak, buffets, french fries, and milk shakes of course. There are a few Chinese places as well, like panda Express and a Chinese buffet. It will take you over a year of living here before you know which place you like the best.


Caldwell is not lacking in the shopping department. The Karcher mall is located right in Caldwell. Like I previously stated its being remodeled for more companies to move in. The stores are still open through the remodel. If you are looking for certain chains there is a Costco, Hobby Lobby, Sportsmans Warehouse, and a Target right on the border between Caldwell and Nampa. If you really can’t find what you’re looking for you can always make the 20 minute drive to Meridian or Boise.