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Here in Kansas there are bugs aplenty. We have ants, spiders, termites, snakes, rodents, possums, raccoons, bed bugs, cockroaches, and all the other creepy crawlies you can think of.

People usually call us when they see insects in their home, but often have a hard time describing which ones they have and are not sure what to do about it.

The one tip that we have on how to tell which bugs/insects are getting into your home is by buying a few sticky traps from the store and putting them in certain places in your home. We recommend putting them in the attic, under the sink, in the basement, and anywhere else you might notice them moving around.

Once you have the sticky traps in place, put a reminder in your phone to check them once a week – it only takes a couple minutes, but it might show you some very interesting critters that you never knew where in your home!

If you ever need to call White Pest Control, you’ll be able to describe exactly what is in your home by looking at the sticky traps! Happy trapping.